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Muthuswamy-Chua Attractor               

About Me
Thank you for visiting my homepage. My work can be classified into the areas of "Classical Nonlinear Dynamics and Quantum Mechanics". My areas of interest are hence nonlinear dynamical (quantum) systems and embedded systems. More specifically, I work on reconfigurable architectures, quantum mechanics and autonomous chaotic circuits.

I have a circuit (system of equations) named after me and my EE PhD advisor, Dr. Leon O. Chua: Muthuswamy-Chua. This circuit simply consists of an inductor-capacitor-memristor in series (or parallel), and hence topologically, is the simplest possible chaotic circuit that uses all the fundamental circuit elements (a resistor is simply a linear memristor, without memory). Moreover, a variety of interesting properties have been found and rigorously justified for the underlying Muthuswamy-Chua system of equations. One such chaotic attractor (the Muthuswamy-Chua Attractor) that is obtained from the system is shown, and a variety of chaotic attractors exhibiting "rich" behaviour from the Muthuswamy-Chua system can be found online. About 10 years after the design of the Muthuswamy-Chua circuit, my colleagues and I implemented the very first chaotic circuit with a physical memristor (thermistor), and this circuit (system) is called the Muthuswamy-Chua-Ginoux (MCG) circuit (system). We published our work in Nature (open-access).

For further details about my current work, please email me: bharath.berkeley@gmail.com.

My work has been shaped primarily by the 10 years (1999 - 2009) at the University of California, Berkeley (PhD in EE, December 2009; M.S in EE, May 2005; B.S in EE, August 2002). I worked in the Nonlinear Electronics (NOEL) lab. My advisor was Dr. Leon O. Chua, I was co-advised by Dr. Pravin P. Varaiya. I was funded most of my career in Berkeley by graduate student instructor grants and by Ferenc Kovac of the Electronic Support Group. I had been involved in education from 1999 - 2018 (University of California, Berkeley 1999 - 2009; MSOE: 2009 - 2015; TCNJ: 2017 - 2018).

I have been working with electronics and designing software for 23 years (1995; 1999 - Present). I have been involved with dynamical systems research for 16 years (2005 - Present). My Erdos number is 4: Muthuswamy, B->Chua, L.O->Boyd, S. P.->Diaconis, P. W.->Erdos, P. My mathematical geneology goes all the way back to Carl Friedrich Gauss (and even further)! Once you get to M. E. V. Valkenburg, follow the geneology of Laurence Albert Manning.

For a variety of reasons, I am NOT active in academia anymore. Hence, among other things, online reference material related to my two books: "A Route to Chaos Using FPGAs - Volume I" and "Introduction to Nonlinear Circuits and Networks" will NOT be updated. If you need something urgent related to academia, please email me.

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